Kyle Quentin & The Kyles is the instrumental-only creative outlet of a former dj and current designer from Switzerland. He used to produce beats & tracks for local rappers and played music as one half of the locally semi-famous electronic dj duo "The Bukkake Boys Gang" in the 2010s.

Inspired by OG beatmakers like Madlib, MF Doom and 9th Wonder - as well as lofi beat mainstays like Bertholet, Civin or Brock Berrigan; Kyle Quentin tries to bring his own twisted aesthetic to the beatmaking game. Mix, matching and cutting up whatever falls into his hands.

Nowadays he spends most of his time looking after his children with his wife. He occasionaly ventures out of the house at night to drink gin & tonics,  but mostly stays at home in front of a screen patiently waiting and hoping for Cory McAbee to release another gem that comes close to "The American Astronaut".

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